Authentic Phevanda Memory MTL RTA 22mm Vape Tank - Silver

Product Specs & Features 22mm Diameter, 57mm height 3.5ml capacity Single coil deck Designed for MTL to DL Adjustable ariflow via AFC ring and 510... more info

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Dvarw MTL Styled 22mm RTA Vape Tank by YFTK Shipped From DE to Europe

Habe vor Jahren, das letzte mal einen Clone eines Kaifun...

YFTK KF Mini V3 19mm RTA Vape Tank Shipped From DE to Europe 24hours

Funktioniert gut, kein siffen, schmeckt gut. Die O-Ringe...

VANWU TF GTR 23mm MTL RTA Vape Tank(PSU) - Silver 24hours

VANWU GTR is well machined, clean, and the packaging is...

GUS Menelaus Styled 22mm RTA Rebuildable Atomizer - Silver 24hours

non ci si crede, ma personalmente non ho trovato un...

VANWU TF GTR 25mm MTL RTA Vape Tank(PSU) - Black Shipped From DE to Europe 24hours

Perfect packaging, amazing build quality, the best I have...
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